empty out these sleepy eyes
...the heavy lids that droop
the thick lashes that loop,
the liquid that’s full

empty out these sleepy eyes,
unslept these never-ending nights
not a wink,

the climate wrapped on snow melts,
empty out the whiteness

sleepless one-posture nights
empty out the senses
empty out the numbness

climb down those desolate mountains
float through those fogged valleys,
empty out these sleepy eyes,

the dying fires in the wet woods
empty out the warmth
the broken pearls
empty out the beauty

crawling through the memories
nor a shadow at the feet
neither a rain check over the head
empty out the loneliness

the pull and you run
the invisible thread

empty out the bond ...
the sudden rush of air
the cool seeping through the lungs
empty out the vessel,
empty out the breath

"One Last Breath!"

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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