sleepless sleep

long winter nights,
lost shuddering moon,
no sleep...
hey, are You asleep?
cool breeze, the harmonic waves...
the bloomin’ night lily,...
'am I being silly?
the stars on a ride, blackness so wide
the euphoria of the air, takes me there
tipsy without a drop, think you can stop?
high...slightly higher
a step too near
a look, and all that it took and a bit more high
caught in the moonlight
sieving through little shivering green,
taking away the sheen
miss a beat
how does it feel to have a cold heat??
hey, are you asleep?
can I take this leap?
and a step? a jump,a few more leaps,
...take me please, I am yours for keeps!!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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