dry, misty and some words

The mist forms a silhouette
The silhouette smiles
That couldn’t be you
I float a bit, bit of a row,
But the boats stuck
The raft topples
The pool whirls
The eddy is in frenzy
I stop, smile,….confuse
Blink, gap,….freeze

Loosing my step
And didn’t yet come
So am at your hearth
Tired and euphoric
Fast pulses, slow steps

Drowned in the soul
…..it’s no more dry in this land
…..its no more wet,
its all nomadic, no more habitat
the fire inside,… no smoke
no light, …
dreams to ashes

with or without you
no desires, no hopes,
the eons of longing
no more thirst

the rising sun
the rising world
the sinking me!
Copyright © Neerja Yadav


i am sick of this world
and the people in it
i'm sick of this body
let me out of it
just let me take my soul
and let me go
untouchable it is called
but i wonder if it has been really so
theres nothing in this world
that appears worthy, even remotely,
everything around me is just
stupid, meaningless and silly
then theres a pair of eyes
that looks at me and smiles
all the turmoil thats inside
lay bare in front of those eyes
i feel ashamed of the waywardness
relieved of the confusion
theres this unworthy world to live in
but theres you for a wonderful life to live with

"jus something i think is worth putting up", thank you?? or so much more,.....?

su pasion

"Feel like, I have been lost
Inside my head, inside my mind,…"

Pain transmutes into a song,
Pulse forms a rhythm,
Dance with abandon,
Soul inked with liquid fire,
An Absolute,…

"one sharp image, rest of the universe - glossy…"

The elation, the exhilaration
The un-understandable,
The indefinable,…
The un-attainable…
The flow of ethereal
Here Sin meets Somber
Heaven blends into Hell...

Copyright © Neerja Yadav