confessional - more than a dashboard

can you decide what you dream of?
maybe. sometimes. most of the times...

what exactly is "hope dangling on a string
like slow spinning redemption"?

the hope, the faith, the dream
takes me by hand
leads me towards the ray of light

it was just water flirting with sunshine
yet it rendered me... awed

i believe in you
because i believe in myself...

even in the most honest equations
there are premises...

uncomplicated is most complicated
simplicity is chaotic

"i have to be with you to live
to breathe
you're taking over me..."

i exhale an unexpected awareness of longing.....
and as i sat on that edge
or this ledge
i feel the hum inside me
a slight tug

what if decide to take "the leap"?

i take the walk
aimless walk of isolation
and feel the hidden eyes
am not alone...

a moment traces the trip of eons
it seems to have pushed the "fast forward"

in the throe of surviving
i desisted breathing
ages back
the conversation

"drowned the ceremony of innocence"
a long time back
and missed
the graduation
of living

yet, hope still
dangles on that
thin string
spinning slowly...

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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