june rain

you ask me,
what's on my mind... i dunno

it's spring outside
autumn and winter everywhere else
the night rain falls,

slow and slight
and the trees awash with tremulous white
what i thought was a ray of light

wasnt really it, only a slight,

this is "my own prison"can't really escape, now
can i??
huddling in the darkness of the mind

my head in my hands
the calm, i cant find
the hair, wild
no life in those strands

how does the soul leave
and you still live on
empty heart
empty shell

of all these years
in all those files
of memories
all that survives
are the frozen smiles

my vision of hell
and they call it heaven

i wasnt born to be in heaven
or anywhere between them

am the evil
am an angel

who knows
who cares

from the genesis to my nemesis
all i wanted was...was...???

a slow smile
a hollow laughter
a distant thunder
a drop after drop of
cold, heavy tear from the blue-grey above
slide down my upturned face

no longer, the smile
no longer, the scream

just the drummer,which they say is distant

how do i hear him
inside me
so clear

the pied piper
on whose tune
i could dance away,
till i melt...

sounds, clouded
sight, shadowed

the scar here is all of self inflicted wound

hey, rain...
thanks for coming
thanks for company
thanks for taking away the pain

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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