addicted to addiction

things that make a day better
bright environs
playful banter
the light that is you
warmth that makes me glow

a few innocent smiles
bloom the corners of my mouth

some indescribable happiness
surge through the whole of me

slowly carries me out
from the security of
pools of darkness

like slow configuring addiction
the warmth becomes my prison

in the space of few days
in the zoom of emotional haze
everything else vanishes

like slow foaming obsession
this wave of passion

so intensly suffuses
to all the senses
gone dull and blunt

like slow transfusing exaltation
which now holds me rooted

the first, second, third touch
barely, half and then deliberate
few un related words
some silly nonsense
no words

just a smile
a frozen smile

just a look
(just a look...and so much more...)
a searching look

now shall i cross these
sandy beaches
into that ocean?
where does the ocean really begin?

should i take the hand?
wander into the woods?
stride into the danger zone?
succumb to the spell?
Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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