terrene N heaven

dissolved in déjà vu
looking all around for you…

is everything really over rated?
is the cliché really under stated?

speed of thoughts
velocity of memories…

on some perfectly clear days
with a mind that’s sane
in all those usual ways
doing the daily mundane

the grey of the nerves
still find some space to,
execute teleportation
liquefy the boundaries of time
effect disintegration
disband the sense of realities


Bard Arnold hauntingly croons,…. (in my headphones)

“I'm here without you baby,
But you're still on my lonely mindI think about you baby,
And I dream about you all the time…”

the big round gold disc
does another 6 to 6, bids me bye…
now I can see a few “diamonds in the sky”

through my cubicle window
cannot feel that purple-pink evening wind
Calendar reminds me of the continuing grind
In complete daze
In all that haze
I know, am caught in the undertow…

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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