...the wait

Expansive night,
Prolonged a few more paces

Moonlit clouds,
Strained a few more rays…

Mendicant heart,
Wandered a few more woods…

Without you, hope, seems just like a word
Have longed so long, the thirst is all gone

My mornings needed your evenings
My promises needed your smiles
My sleep needed your arms

With my inebriation
In my un-drunk intoxication
I need it this way
No more words to say

I do live without you
It isn’t living though

Made these wishes,
Lifetime ago…

Picked up a few paths from your feet
Untied a few threads from your wool

Looked all around
Couldn’t get you off my mind

Not here with me,
So I had to come,
If only to know,
If only to find

Would you stop the moon from moving?
Would you stop the clock from ticking?

It’s just tonight,
There wouldn’t be another daylight…

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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