the circle

sometimes the heights
then the gravity pulls down,...

put your all and break free
defy it for a while,......

skydive, fly, float, swim and thats bliss
but,you know, its kinda hung,
between the best n the base

where am i ?what am i doing?
why? and why this? why cant i jus,.......?

now, i am entangled

no, not complaining
yeah, it's my own doing,

but then i am not trying
to cut the threaded maze

the walls have been built up over the years,
and they are not only solid,
they are just too stolid

will take a lil more time
a lil more pressure to crumble
a lil more emotion to move

and there would be
layers within,
the hurt,
the confusion,
the roughened up years,


true, i came out sooty from all the blast,
but then they were my experiments

and i came out a lil more strong
a lil more grown up
a lil more childlike,

for now,
have had a good swim

for now,

and absolutely full...

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

my starry solitude

the peace of the half moon night
the cool breeze that dances the lantern light

wistfully i look at the stars...
am missing home again...
but am missing you more...

this time around
maybe i wouldn't go
this time around
maybe i wouldn't have to come back

Hey Home, hang on some more
maybe i found,
someone you would love to love...

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

a suicide note

….standing on the ledge
have been driven to this edge

dunno how, dunno when
the transformation
from, a high on life
to an absolute dead end

“…it’s a cliché to leave a suicide note
statistics say, about 1/3rd of those who meet death, before he meets them, leave a note
statistics say…”

standing on the ledge
having been drive to this edge
the thoughts still don’t stop

amazed at the
random thought
a few images
… amazed
how mind behaves

how the soul craves
for a release…

this time around
it isn’t
some rebel

this time around
it’s a
well thought plan

plan for a fresh start…

sometimes, all you need is

being driven to edge
and an obscure little edge…

dedicated to kurt cobain

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

between the sunrise and the sunset

woke up in the morning
a head extra light
a heart(??) extra heavy

checked my vital signs
they definitely did look fine

"talk to me
dont close the door
listen to me
it gets lonely on this moor",

mused a voice somewhere

kept a guarded silence
ignored the throbbing presence

its just another day
you really can't get away

sometimes its "better best forgotten"
let the trance continue

for sometimes its...
tough to live on philosophy
arduous to sustain on desires
rough to protect the dreams

and its best to
survive on images
of yourself...
of them...
of the things that are...

"hi gal, hows it goin?"
"cool - super cool!"

"the voice somewhere",
is no more beseeching
you hear a smile
a mix of desolation and patronising...

"oh well,..."
a mental shrug
a wordless hello to my "SX270", comes alive at a mere touch
a quick scan and trash of emails
a coffee mug later...

its just another day
do i really wanna get away???

Copyright © Neerja Yadav