the circle

sometimes the heights
then the gravity pulls down,...

put your all and break free
defy it for a while,......

skydive, fly, float, swim and thats bliss
but,you know, its kinda hung,
between the best n the base

where am i ?what am i doing?
why? and why this? why cant i jus,.......?

now, i am entangled

no, not complaining
yeah, it's my own doing,

but then i am not trying
to cut the threaded maze

the walls have been built up over the years,
and they are not only solid,
they are just too stolid

will take a lil more time
a lil more pressure to crumble
a lil more emotion to move

and there would be
layers within,
the hurt,
the confusion,
the roughened up years,


true, i came out sooty from all the blast,
but then they were my experiments

and i came out a lil more strong
a lil more grown up
a lil more childlike,

for now,
have had a good swim

for now,

and absolutely full...

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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