a suicide note

….standing on the ledge
have been driven to this edge

dunno how, dunno when
the transformation
from, a high on life
to an absolute dead end

“…it’s a cliché to leave a suicide note
statistics say, about 1/3rd of those who meet death, before he meets them, leave a note
statistics say…”

standing on the ledge
having been drive to this edge
the thoughts still don’t stop

amazed at the
random thought
a few images
… amazed
how mind behaves

how the soul craves
for a release…

this time around
it isn’t
some rebel

this time around
it’s a
well thought plan

plan for a fresh start…

sometimes, all you need is

being driven to edge
and an obscure little edge…

dedicated to kurt cobain

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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