hey there,

just back,
from my galaxy ride

the suns still being born
the stars being torn

void unending
lights all bending

the curl of the gravity
a few gamma ray bursts

firecrackers display like, in those fares
only brighter some million times square

this time around,
it wasnt my broom

just put on my dancing shoes
took a fouette

a twist, a turn
fifth position and a swirl...

took a deep breath
did a grand jete

and landed softly
on a stardrive

the universe, my friend
is not dark as they say
a boiling cauldron
with some brilliant interplay

of light and sounds
actions and reactions
chemistry with a dash of mystery
physics in all its grandeur
harmoniously chaotic

theres a pattern
and theres a design
beyond comparison
above comprehension

imagine your heaven
ice it with faeries
invite a few gnomes

decorate it with particles
and antimatter
break the entire wavelength
do a red and blue shift,

experience the doppler shift
exponential blackholes

and we still dont have the picture...

let the words fail
thoughts fade

dance of the worlds... fantastic!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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