speed of dakness

remember the corners you turned?
those turns continue to stand there, still
with too many creepers around my feet

wish, someday, somewhere…
you could taste this existence
nights which killed me…
could somehow knock on your doors,

the name still dances on my lips
but my voice cracks…

the quest of the expanse, still on
but my senses are weary…

the unquenched thirst, still hurts
but my senses soaked…

a vision… a mirage
beginning of an obsession
transformed into devotion

am no longer my own

bathed in the blood
of my hurt..
hurt of my own want
hurt of my own desire
hurt of my fear

fear of knowing you
fear of losing “you”

the mirage…

my saviour
my nemesis
my continued reverence…


…you are now the messiah

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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