moon dust

From the dewy realms

Murmurs of night –
Terraced fields
Babbling sky
Humming lamps
Sounds of pleasure and pain

Warmth of the room, wakes up
Drifts down…
Spreads on
the elm lined walkways
The beige moon hangs low
Symbol of glee or woe…
The ebbs and flows of, his mood
Throbs like dynamo…
As effervescent
As mine…
Silly him,
Silly me…

The "Hermione" in me
Conjures castle,
Turns time…
Walked through the plane
Of angels and the dark ones
Avert my gaze
Unwilling to explain the presence

the fire crackles
back from the waves
enshrouded in clouds
the “now” silver orb
is tucking himself up

and while I was away
scattered a few verses
on my floor…

picked ‘em up
a stifle a yawn

the winged ones rouse
reverberation of rhymes
sieving in my early morning…

Morning, Earth!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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