coming back to life

fickle dreams,
foggy longings..

the cold fog turns everything into a dull n whitish haze...
and the scent of summer looks like a distant dream. it' so easy to get blunt and blurry without that real fire, the purpose...

did i welcome the new year? or did it just stroll past me without taking any notice of me?? think thats what happened...

the scattered existence and a certain order forming out of this chaos... i have decided to be my most awakened self this year... no more sleep walking the existence.... no more heartaches that tend to spin off into gazillion other explosions... have a promise to myself... but then do know that "fate chooses man".... so however much you send those dreams into the Universe... some with a eyes-tight-shut desperate prayers, some on whispered breath.... by the time it does hit that cosmic turn of events and gets granted.... its a totally different take on the original...! but what do you know, you are only human!!

hope the new year eve and the morning was great! mine was totally revealing.... for a lack of better word maybe!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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