flawless - far from it - yet the brilliance, "whoa"

do i count him in one of the best things that happened? guess not, not yet... but looks like am reaching there... to a point, where... from the misty dust gathering on the stone; you begin to see through... slowly, painstakingly! its your life and you fashioned it!

am so damned grateful, that winter is over... so, what the sun burns through epidermis... so what, the promises of SPFs fall flat and no, i don't want to sue the cosmetic giants! at least they give me the fragrance!

hey wookie, thank you for some of the worst and the best days and nights of my life! thank you for adding to the cut, the color, the clarity and the carat... far from 58 but will get there.... ! :)

redefinition of self... sending out thought waves... from the annals of dark matter...where the chaos is the order

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