"i died alone ... a long long time ago"

sunshine of you, dissipates in me
dissipates in my brume

drain some daylight from this blaze colander
miles of me, covered in your silhouette
carved in my palm … like fate

turn around, maybe a half-step
throw me, maybe a glance

the more I fly away, the less skies I map
am the faerie … you waited for
am the flute … whose fire you stroked

“the fairy would one day alight from the skies…”;
you sang
“i feel her noiseless steps …, I see her, shy and soft … blushing pink and flustered”;
you crooned

am the footsteps … which fluttered your heartbeats
am the one … you longed for
am the one … you stopped looking for

banished from stars
fallen from the clouds;
on cold winds and desert sands
my breaths move on…

let me now be a song … un-composed
while I slowly squander in your heart
let me now be …
eternally existent in this mortality for non-existence of your longing…


atomic NirvaNa

Something is happening, a palpable sense of anticipation has slowly crept and hugged me… it seems, these days, I am on a continuous wait… a voice somewhere between dream and miracle keeps chiming in! All that you see is and all that you do and all that is there…is transient.

How I wish … I had some insulation against my self, some grounding for the electricity of the being is lest it gets to lethal degrees. I need some help with this coil … and nope, a genius of Nikola (may his soul rest in peace) too wouldn’t have done the magic.

From the sleep deprived colliding hours of days … I manage to steal some time off that clock tower … one Saturday afternoon. Two completely un-interrupted hours of road-side opera of family weekend cars and a background score of Mario Frangoulis’s “dreamlike” tenor; with arc lights of sun spilling from cerulean blue sky of Maidenhead. Crisp, green and laced with the "warmth" of cool breeze - typical of North Pole proximity; a July in Britain seems like what the doctor ordered. On the sidewalk bench of harvest hill road … I found my nirvana!

Some days like these, all I see is the sun. Everything bright and smiling; words perfectly in tune. Other days, my heart tunes into different frequencies; I just can’t seem keep the rain check on the gypsy inside. I do not get my sentences right, do not get the lines symmetrical.

I wake up, throw myself into work … and its twilight; the clock runs me out again! And then in some other dimensions … all I have for company is copious amount of minute hands.

See? Transient! The consistent inconsistency! The rogue and the gentry live together.

Aside: Hey people, all of you, who are here … (and I have never done this before, wonder why?) a big thank you! Times when I win the staring matches with my laptop screen and the times when its wild and frenzied keyboard sport… all those times and much more of colliding electrons … I dedicate to you, today!