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the sky has been playing out its drama again. It is thundering in little bursts. And, the colors mutate from soft romance to glamorous and its overcast, and then of course, it rains. It has been raining every other day since july.

thank you, all for your wishes... there are some zillion things i have been meaning to do and write and not keeping my promise to myself, for now just
some sprinkle on the soul and tomorrow definitely is another day .... my parents coming over! Yay!!

even if they do not understand you, even if there is this huge and cliched generation gap, the umbilical vibes make a huge difference ... mom's nagging and dad's philosophizing does get to you.... but then what was once a fuel for teenage angst... becomes "wow-good-ol-days" feel... esp, when you are in the web of immensely complex and complicated dynamics!

so, yay... mom will cook and dad will talk and both will say that its high time i should get married and that i am loosing weight like no-one's business and nope, telling them that one day ... i might walk the ramp for giorgio armani will not convince them! :)



Priya said...

Thaz really cute;)

Jello said...

Well happy times come towards you :) that's great - yep, somehow it always feel better.

666 said...

enjoy the days ahead. Having followed ur posts for almost a year now, All the Best :-)

Da Rodent said...

parents.. they have a whole different perspective to things all together :P