chamkta chamku

i do realize that i could be ostracized for saying this, but : Chamku is a Good Movie! Not Godfather good! But a very very decent and honest effort of real cinema, Prakash Jha genre! Maybe it's luck that it released along with Rock On, and at the cost of repetition.. Rock On, didnt rock as much and though Chamku doesnt Rock, maybe because it was Folk Music without much Metal Arrangements... but is that condition enough to Trash it??

Ha!! It's a fad to say that Bobby Deol doesnt act... and Nopes, i am not a big fan. But, this one definitely is a feather in his not-so-plummeted cap! And Kudos to the director... Kabeer Kaushik!

I liked it and give it a 4 Star! And, people before you give me shit for case you plan to... remember the Shawshank Redemption and its innings on Box Office!

thank you! i rest my case!

Update: And, no Chamku is NOT the Shawshank Redemption!!! :)



manuscrypts said...

i think i'll come back later when you feel better :p

nlonve (nu-lo-ne-vei) said...

You should watch Tango Charlie.

Amrith said...

Ha ha.... I liked the dichotomy of the review.. You were almost apologetic for liking Chamku... A majority of people loved rock on... some didnt love it but will follow popular (or cool) opinion and claim they loved it. Maybe some hate it...
Will try and watch chamku post ur review :)