the devil's angel

A feather touch


Take me away

---- Prison break ----

Whispered air

Fear and fun … a shudder

Curled lips

Fixed stare … leaden lashes


Leaping fire … distended breathing

Sliding ice … whacked blood run

Out of bounds - Desire ----------------------------- Cloaked around your shadow



destr0yed said...

dont FORCE a mind.. not a brilliant mind as mine..


destr0yed said...

you are JUST a face in the crowd!!!

Neers said...

destr()yed!, thank you for swinging by! by the way, why the caps to just?? :)

i am but a face in the crowd,
i am, thank god, part of the crowd
the crowd is part of me...
the oneness of multiverses.

Oracle said...

Don't know what kind of poet you are, but your poem sure feels good on the lips.

This song is killing me, but itz not complete. why?

Sojourner said...

yanks out a nerve and disappears... sure did paint a picture.. or a collage..

Air said...

is the last one you ???

Priya said...

It runs heavy on different situations. But when u feel it, its a lasting impression.

Neers said...

@Air: yeah! good guess! but unable to reach to your profile/blog

Sojourner said...

You know, I knocked at pitwit just yesterday... guess I was too late. I Shall continue. thanks :)

hey... time for that good old Andromedan resolve :) much power to you pal!

Jello said...

she's bacckkkkkkkkkkk :)

Air said...

I prefer reading

Kafo said...

how do u come up with this stuff
mind blowing
and the pictures
i have to come back and just meditate on it