warped moonlight - "smells like teen spirit"

"A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." - Oscar Wilde

on the banks of an inky pool, an edge to the senses - goosebumps of skin, fire in the eyes, icy hands, naked soul.....and the world wishing new year's but a distant din... all i could now see his eyes burning holes in me, somewhere... and then a splash... slow strokes.... held breath ... a complete submerge... my first moonlight kiss

and am getting married to the guy!


am a movieholic

"Dostana" released this friday and was a very pleasant surprise ... its an entertainer, a feel good and a much needed belly laugh stress buster! :) Abhishek has acted well in a longgg time.

"Ghajini" - a mispronounced "Ghazni" - remember Mahumd Ghazni?(The great warrior ruler of 10th Century) .. and by the promos... the movie seems to have been shot in deserts... looks promising!

"Rab Ne Bana di Jodi" - now this is another one that could either be another entertainer like a typical "Yash Raj Films" or not... but Touche'... and kudos, to King Khan on swinging the other way with the experiments of looks.

"Yuvvraj" - i hope this works and only for Salman! Somehow, that man looks very close to the actual thing he would be.

Update: Add Dasvidaniya... to the list! Vinay Pathak, without doubt is loads of talent! :) Thank You Manuscrypts.. i did miss this one!

P.S: i didn't add any of the friday releases from the other side of the planet... that's 'cos the list goes on... and this was meant to be one of those whims "let me try movie review" post! :p


last single november

i keep trying to be have a disciplined routine to life .. to eating, to work, to writing, reading, to getting up... and to sleeping... all half-heartedly, though. am not here these days! notice, how i avoid saying "i am not myself"... that's because this IS myself... a haphazard way of existence... !

people at work, at times, my coach included; believe that I quote do not really work unquote... umm, a magic wand before the end of all deadlines?? :)

addicted to packing in as much as possible in moments of toil ... so i get to relish "my time"

my time defined thus:

fareies, clouds floating, butterflies, occult, physics, philosophy, romance - any version, music, words, pictures... FUN, my brand! am i still that naive? you bet! and I never stopped believing in santa though i conferred with the satan... up, close and personal, and, more than once.

it makes me so happy to write, to respond, to share a part of myself and call it art … but lately my days have been one thing: NOSTALGIA

i catch myself curling up with the intention of reading, and then all I do is stare out the window.

taking that much cliched stroll... stopping to look at every window, every corner ... of clumsy childhood, mom-dad, now tom boy, now a wall flower, gawky teenages, stupid threats to your brother,first crushes... heartbreaks, first blushes... fears, scary days ... carefree nights... fashion faux pas, first time on stage, bunking classes, praying for test scores, crying over friends break ups, happy over gifts, long phone conversation, sneaking for that last look to see if the guy that followed you from school is still waiting :p and swearing you hate him, first sleep overs and that first school trip you went on ... those ginger steps into college, books, machines, computers, friends, neighbors, counting the number of geckos on the apartment walls, number of boys who have proposed "for being friends", number of chocolates your brother got and number of dresses your friend has and also the number of As you got ... and almost every thing, either has a song or color or smell attached to it...

i am a Dad's Darling... always have been. Mom has an edgy-overprotective-now equals relationship with me... my brother --- ah, the bittersweet love we have is oh-so-storybook and my sis... well, how do i say it... we are separated in age by half a decade... and glued as twins.

my days are long and by the time I get around to doing something I’ve given all the little fragments of myself that I can give away. I cry easily. I’m snappy and snippy and short fused. It sucks. And suddenly all is fine and I trouble & tease my little sister. and, she has been cooking!!! and, surprisingly, I do not feel guilty.

i am being, at once stubborn and sensitive, fragile to the quick and emotional and temperamental and oh so needy. right now, am a yo-yo. extremes. fragments.

i keep trying to snatch up moments that I love to fill me up:
watching the sunset from terrace … but I am not quenched, the nostalgia and something else, is tugging at me and like a drought, spreading through my bones.

i need inspiration... and some more of this santa time, can we please not draw the curtains away!


death magnetic

Calling me… is the emptiness

Enticing is this mist

The blinding white of

Cold, lonely mountains

Deep dark wooded slopes

Of these valleys

Lure me again…

There is something ancient here

Stirring the haunting strains

… Inside me

Lying on lushness, of this tableland

I am but a tiny speck

Vermillion shadows of the sky – suddenly salt sprinkled

And the owls begin to call out

The night zephyr … is now a song, now a tremble

Universe witnesses:

A forlorn figure … a weeping tremble running down its form

Helplessness written all over the air

The full moon disc ascends … now cheesy yellow

Slowly chalk white… “the science of curdling doesn’t work here”

The vales are now illuminated…

Shadows abound

The choir is in full form

The orchestra of the night in full swing

Universe Witnesses:

The forlorn figure … now at the edge

With a crimson silk running the length of her arms

Now stretched like wings

The long dark hair … now a part of the choir

She looks like Her Majesty

Master of all she surveys

… the tiny speck and so much power

Surrendering when you are high

Being at the edge of pleasure and pain

And the gravity doesn’t work anymore

For universe seems to have won just this time…

This IS free falling…


O mama!!

...apologies for the tardiness here, folks... much has been happening at neersville these past few weeks... and would i update? i dunno... :) but for now... this is how i am:

and wanna guess why?? generally am quite apolitically inclined in my existence... but sometimes when i do care... i care very strongly.... and this for the 44th POTUS!! Yep, the handsome Mr. Barack Obama! How does it matter to me? Well, i could expend energies on expanding on the nuances of this historic conspiracy of universe for this moment/movement... however, for now... i will let it pass! am dazed! Congratulation, Mr. President!

pic courtsey: http://www.flickr.com/photos/light_arted/