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"Dostana" released this friday and was a very pleasant surprise ... its an entertainer, a feel good and a much needed belly laugh stress buster! :) Abhishek has acted well in a longgg time.

"Ghajini" - a mispronounced "Ghazni" - remember Mahumd Ghazni?(The great warrior ruler of 10th Century) .. and by the promos... the movie seems to have been shot in deserts... looks promising!

"Rab Ne Bana di Jodi" - now this is another one that could either be another entertainer like a typical "Yash Raj Films" or not... but Touche'... and kudos, to King Khan on swinging the other way with the experiments of looks.

"Yuvvraj" - i hope this works and only for Salman! Somehow, that man looks very close to the actual thing he would be.

Update: Add Dasvidaniya... to the list! Vinay Pathak, without doubt is loads of talent! :) Thank You Manuscrypts.. i did miss this one!

P.S: i didn't add any of the friday releases from the other side of the planet... that's 'cos the list goes on... and this was meant to be one of those whims "let me try movie review" post! :p



Kafo said...

hmmm never heard of these movies
have fun

manuscrypts said...

hmm, you missed dasvidaniya, dil kabaddi, sorry bhai.... hmm, thats a big banner niche bollyhollic :p

Sojourner said...

may there be plenty of movie soup for your soul... bottoms up!

Air said...

Recommended : What just happened
Body of Lies

From the other side of the planet

Neers said...

@Air: Thank You!

Da Rodent said...

@neers: gajini is a rip-off of memento..