death magnetic

Calling me… is the emptiness

Enticing is this mist

The blinding white of

Cold, lonely mountains

Deep dark wooded slopes

Of these valleys

Lure me again…

There is something ancient here

Stirring the haunting strains

… Inside me

Lying on lushness, of this tableland

I am but a tiny speck

Vermillion shadows of the sky – suddenly salt sprinkled

And the owls begin to call out

The night zephyr … is now a song, now a tremble

Universe witnesses:

A forlorn figure … a weeping tremble running down its form

Helplessness written all over the air

The full moon disc ascends … now cheesy yellow

Slowly chalk white… “the science of curdling doesn’t work here”

The vales are now illuminated…

Shadows abound

The choir is in full form

The orchestra of the night in full swing

Universe Witnesses:

The forlorn figure … now at the edge

With a crimson silk running the length of her arms

Now stretched like wings

The long dark hair … now a part of the choir

She looks like Her Majesty

Master of all she surveys

… the tiny speck and so much power

Surrendering when you are high

Being at the edge of pleasure and pain

And the gravity doesn’t work anymore

For universe seems to have won just this time…

This IS free falling…



Jaycee said...

Free falling...we can't control it, eh? Hmmm...but we can still have dominion over what happens to us! :)

666 said...

Whats the link to 'Death Magnetic'???

btw.. are u familiar with caferati? Your talent or lack of it(res ipso loquitor!) would find a much larger, broader and importantly erudite audience. Check it out!


Kafo said...

surrendering when you are high
talk about an oxymoron

Endevourme said...

madeofglass? lol :D

666 said...

FYI & Attention

Sojourner said...

a much needed show...

iamnasra said...

sometimes we need avoice to releif the inner cries

Neers said...

@Air: p.s: Air, the title is definitely inspired by Metallica! Bring me to life inspirations were in the other avatars... namely Life and All that Jazz.... not this one, buddy! :)

t said...

you need a publisher!

TinTin said...

I chanced upon this one..I really liked the surrealism in this one..If you have more of these me