the rapist rules

I am angry, ‘am frustrated, am disturbed… am so upset, I can hardly sit still, which I have to and the mind trembles with more rage. All this negative energy is fuelling the incineration of the spirit. Seems all that gun powder and blasts set of a chain reaction…

What the fuck has world come to? And, for once am not going to be sorry for the language here. Where the hell are the people, who claimed to be sanitizing Mumbai? Why aren’t the commandoes being sent away since not all of them would not be Maharashtrians? Or are those people waiting for the complete annihilation of the city so that they can build it up? Is that the argument for their silence or hiding ghettos, that they are “Nirmataas” (builders)? And, how dare one CM or another fly down and talk about money? And criticize the government? Someone if inside your home killing your family and you are blaming your cousin for not fastening the doors well? In times like this? Is it still We vs Them? Is there no end to the manipulations and opportunism?

And, no my anger is not just them, and no my anger is not even on those handful of people holding the heart of the nation to ransom. Nah, not even them! For, they are just cogs of the big wheel, the mere pawns… very very dispensable variety.

And, for once let’s not even get into arguments of religion and region. As long as there is a corrupt system, there is someone willing to take the “Fidayeen” flag and die in the name.
From 1948 to 1975 to 1991 to 1993 to 2008 – 60 years and am sure more than 6 millions killed in the name of some brand of hate.

What the FUCK?? And, we are not even looking at where we should look. We are conveniently being short sighted. Looking at the picture in front and suitably forgetting the ones behind the camera. The politics, the poisonous dirty version of it… is going to be the end of this country and the planet!

Why can’t we just let others live and be? Why do we need the on-up-man-ship? WHY? Politics is an essential of a human society. Good! The mental prowess it requires is appreciative and people who are the masters of ‘Chankaya-Neeti’ – very commendable!

But, how do you live with your conscience, when you have used the insecurities of 20 something, turned them against their own people, themselves and then a quick about turn and make a show of condemning the same actions, you either paid for or perpetuated!

This isn’t politics; this is putting Hitlers of the worlds to shame.

The ATS Chiefs, the ACPs, the kids – on both sides of the guns, the foreign nationals, the army men, the bystanders, and the media … the common man in general. What wrong did these people do? What wrong the Valley did? From Kashmir to Mumbai to Gujarat and Delhi to New York to Afghanistan; why is the world burning, the way it is? The kids are not safe in their own homes, men and women un-safe at their own work places, with the people they call friends. No safety, no peace, no evolution! Period.

So, if that’s they way it is why isn’t there an Armageddon? If God has a plan, he should sanitize the entire planet in a shot. Another experiment gone wrong, man! Time for new one! In any case, this is a blink of n eye for YOU!

But this suffering, this cannibalism … is really un-called for, completely un-warranted!

And, what am I doing? Writing few lines on my blog? Does that make even a delta of a difference? Extending a hand to those whom I could reach is one way. Paying my taxes, voting and being a good citizen is one way. Think, its time to pick that Automatic Klashanikov myself…

Ha, there I go! To beat them, be like them! But who the heck is THEM here? I need George Orwell for the clarity. I don’t know, if I am making sense even to myself… at this time… all is smoke… and I am choking, forget perspectives.


edit: will asking people to resign, passing the buck... even sacking governments, help and ensure that we can eat our foods at our fav restaurant, safely? and we would not be raped for checking into hotels on our business trips... thrice before being shot? and why am i being naive, even bringing these up?