June is one of my favorite months: cloud-torn skies, hail, thunderstorms, and sudden rainbows above the wet curled ferns. Its easy to be grateful in June, to watch the poplars bend and bend and bend in the wind without breaking, and to feel glad. It’s easy to want to be something in June, to want to be alive, and to be living also: to want to push past whatever was holding things back. Tiredness matters less when the clear air is full of swallowtails and the scent of hyacinth.

June, and the mercury is still playing strong, the temperature flirting with cool, barely. Above us, flying in wide swooping arcs that make my heart ache with pleasure, bluebirds, streaks of summer sky.

But the heat is a killer, a convict … untouched!


June: reading more short stories, getting more words off the page. With a book or two of some sort.

This June is a little changed. This June, “Shivaansh” is 20 weeks and running. He kicks but mostly sleeps, I guess! Great Kid, eh?

And, I begin to look like “boa constrictor who swallowed an elephant” (Linda Goodman, anyone??)

June: And its his birth month … imagine, him being born on the most powerful day of Wicca, on Summer Solstice!

And, imagine … me with him! Somethings are just waiting to be happened!


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