the countdowns outta window, already!

hey internet, the storms on its way, am on my way to become a mommy, any day now.... and thats why the silence!!! wait for the full detailed version of my new avatar.... till then...

{awww excuse me... i still need that breathing break... someones trying to lodge themselves all in my ribs or is it liver or ...... aarghh god almighty!! whoever said this was fun... was an F $&^(**() idiot!}


1 comment:

Margie said...

Oh my dear, I remember those days of intense rib poking, no not fun!
But it was truly the most blessed event of my life!

Mommy to be, I send you my warmest gretings.
May your sweet little one come into the world with ease.

Soon, soon, the wonderous day is coming soon!
I'm soooooo happy for you.

Neers, I shall be waiting to hear the good news.
Good luck.