Nirvaan - the blessing!

Am in LOVE! Totally, absolutely smitten!

Motherhood is WORTH every ounce of everything one goes through. The new ness is still to settle in, about 15 days old!

This boy, this beautiful boy of mine, teaches me so much. He challenges me at every turn to grow, to become more organized, more intentional, more prepared. He is my mirror, revealing the fragile and haphazard parts of my being that dangle and drag like dropped stitches. Where I am weakest, this is where parenting him forces me to grow the most.
Every yawn, half smiles, every blink and all the attempts to cry and the actual wailings, the feeding and the bathing, the massage and the nappy changing; each of this and the bunch of seemingly inconsequential chores, inconsequential to the rising recession and inconsequential to the melting ice, now becomes the fulcrum. The axis on which my being rotates, he is the planet!

He is always full force, full throttle, determined. He is fragile. He is persistent. He exhausts me. And I’m starting to get it: this is perhaps the single most important thing of this life and this is totally exhilarating Nirvana!

Thank You, DH!



Kuan Gung said...

Congratulations my friend to you both...the miracle of surreal fills one with wonder, This is a life changer...enjoy, time is fleeting.

joanne said...

oh what magic to share in your love... i feel carried away inside of it right along with you... congratulations hardly seems like a big enough word to offer... thank you thank you so much for bringing the joy of your heart here to share...

xoxoxox to all of you :)

Kafo said...


it's been a minute

remain beautiful and blessed

Margie said...

My warmest congratulations to you!
And your blessing is already
more than 2 weeks old!

Oh, I know how happy you are!
I share in your JOY!

Love to all of you!


Margie said...

And your post was just beautiful!
My children have been my greatest blessings in my life!

Sojourner said...

time for another update...

Da Rodent said...

congratulations :)