chemical romance ... and all things hysterical on turning 22 (once again!)

yay! am 32!! and am kinda pretty sure its new 22! :) umm.. which would mean, i had a baby at 21... and that no doubt IS kick ass... yet, what is more kick ass then that... is the baby in question IS a new dimension in kick ass..... perhaps the most awestastic thing in the history of forever!! 

and though he is  4 months, but make no mistake, he carries wisdom (read: cunning, manipulation with a loads of cuteness thrown in for deadly measure) of 40!! umm... which would perhaps make me 82 if not 92... there goes my maths... you should never ask me deal with numbers... i suck at it! maths is like god... the more you try to know, the more thread you loose! and we NEED thread! for all our outfits, what else, moron?

also, this time last year, i was freezing and i realised i was to be the vessel for this handsome dude... i mean, not that i froze because of the new info, i was already freezing in sub-zeros of irish latitudes and had no whisky... irish or otherwise... and that sucked too... i mean, irish weather is stolidly at its best to make solid ice out of you... and you cant even effing take a sip of that fabled whiskey or rum or Guinness... whatever, i am not sure... but i couldn't have any of it... not because i knew, i was harboring god's gift.... (wow, i have a gift i didnt know about... thats bashful at its best!) but i was on budget and i had to choose between one meal and one pint...!! is that even a choice, you say... i know, i agree.... i too would have gotten wasted... but then ms.devil took over and beat me up with her practical/sensible nonsense and i lost! and since then we are not talkin to each other... i mean, my ms.devil and me!

this year, this day,it was: 

  1. the rockstar in my arms givin me lessons in patience (DARLING, I do love you!)
  2. Mom n Sisters givin me chunk jewelery (i love them, chaamu N chutku!) 
  3. and kisses (mommmyyyy)
  4. husband serenading one min and  givin me gyan on responsibilities next (that was cute and yea rite!)
  5. mom-in-law givin me tips on shiv-puja  (umm okay... ma!) 
  6. dad tellin me am done with half of my life and done nothin substantial  ( what dad?),
  7. a lone birthday scribble (thank you, trufftti) 
  8. co-workers darin to gimme smiling wishes (i found out am popular, eww.... how?) 
  9. a school friend's hysterical call "it IS today, isnt it??" and then peals of giggles!! (back to school... thank you, preeti) 
  10. few treasured smses (cheers preeti di, himanshu/prachi, my bank) 
  11. another friend with "go out and have a blast... v.bhai wouldnt remember anyways"   (saloni yay!)
  12. silly-serious-mattero'fact calls from brothers (rahul,ry, nitin) 
  13. "bozo-mata ki jai" and a 48 hour medical history in 48 mins (thank you, subh!)
  14. embarrassed, "i knew it was in feb, am sorry i forgot... happy birthday!" (ash, thank you!)
  15. "have a lovely birthday, party jana hai jya?" (laveena, you party animal!)
  16. ...  a powdery cake and a worn out candle, home-delivered pizza, a water-melon for a gift and ... and we barbecued the nation! (yay!) 
  17. a giant migraine which is rockin me, still! (not-so-yay!) 
  18. and oh... i was lookin PRETTY!! (double yay! though am still figuring when did that happen!)      
weirder things have happened on birthdays!  

rockin in a quiet way, classical rock, methinks! 



Sojourner said...

does thinking of your birthday from 8th till 17th but forgetting after count?
But I am in the majority anyway ;)

Happy b'day Neerus :), though it is belated... by 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Happy b'day Neers ))

Neers said...

@sojourner - big THANK YOU!
@reema - Thank You! Why cant i see anything at your place, let alone comment!

Margie said...

Belated birthday greetings dear Neers!
You are awesome!


Priya said...

Belated birthday wishes Neers..

starry said...

belated happy birthday Neers.Congratulations on the birth of your baby.