he was grabbed and assaulted. he was taunted and battered. he was alone and they were at least 50.... and all this amounted to fun... a 5 mins of satellite time... few perfectly targeted sound byte. all because he just happen to stroll away from his mom, on a day out to experience the newness of the world, like every other growing toddler, he happened to be a little naughty,that sunday. 

new heights of consumerism..make that new low, y'all! 
am so angry and my keyboard is bearing all in its clattering. violence begets violence...  

i was all ready to step out, having shared a joke or two with mom and the telly is suddenly flooded with this image of 200% SADISTIC crowd. it took all my effort to not howl and send something hurling on to that picture perfect Sony Screen? i flipped channels .... but couldn't flip the image inside ... tears of anger and guilt did nothing to assuage and am still in the daze, a shock of being an unwitting party to such atrocities.

the line between implying pathos with subtlety of journalism and beaming up naked aggression has long been stepped over by a section of media today. and the debate can go on like forever and yet... the fact remains, a crowd molested a child.... a CHILD for godssake... and enjoyed it! what did the media do? NOTHING!  made a story out of it... flashing it on one of those 100s of mushrooming self styled, so-called bare-reporting news channel... for a want of anything more grim on that given day, to fill in all that airtime!

irony??? what am talking here has been up for arguments with all of our erudite journalists, so if there was a similar situation telecast on the likes of big names... it would already have taken the twitter world by storm and everybody who is anybody on twitter would be re-Tweeting the daylights of it! 

another irony? media has a responsibility to report. yes. media as a human organization also has responsibility to be humane... when would we learn to be our basic selves? when would be learn to be human? 

why would then a bomb going off or in-sync tsunami on that particular beach of East Midnapore, exactly that particular moment, not be a good payback... a well-destined fabled justice? 

And the hardest part? Thoughts for my son. At these moments of helplessness that unravel in every direction: nothing I can do to stop the ugly parts of the world from rising up to meet him. Nothing to stop the fear he’ll know, or the anger, the assaults, the guilt, the loneliness, the anxiety that invariably tattoos the skin of our existence as human beings. 

at times like this, with such helplessness... at such moments of pent up frustrations.. i wish the Superman was for real, if only this one time.

And, no, the call to PETA did not help. What was on screen was already a history. 

My prayers with the baby elephant and 
my vodoo curses at all those who were there and didnt do a damn thing.

Nope, I just cant find in myself, the greatness of forgiveness. Not right now!



Kafo said...

the call to PETA did not help
what was on the screen was already history

i need to borrow those words
too profound

can i

Margie said...

Too heartbreaking!


Sojourner said...

won't you link to the news?? Wait what's the point now.

Neers said...

absolutely heartbreaking and surprisingly... the i scrouged the net for the link... but NOPES.. nothing 10mins on India or some such TV and thats that