my crushes and all of them are AWESOME... every single one of them

december oh nine, 3 months in post partum, i was at it again... random surfing and my random surfing is not your average "stumbleupon" but very much orchestered to be the best online analogy of pub-hopping... yep, am a closet party maniac and a blog-junkie... well, not really a closet.  digression is one of my vices or virtue, or whatever way you choose to look at it. 

and suddenly out of no where, like a gift from cyber-god, my very personal deity, i was sent a basket ful of goodies, heres a sample:

and there a few more, i shall link them soon! go take a look at them, they are truly awesomeness redefined! :)



Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are awesome. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Jamie's Post is awesome! loved it! Is that the minion for u?? think it applies to me what abt u?

J. Varon said...

Gah! Thank youuuuu!

Neers said...

@reema - she truly IS quite inspiring!

@jenny - its jus you! :)

@jamie - you welcome, though i didnt quite do the justice!