German Bakery - RIP

there was an explosion,  bodies strewn on the street ... 90% of the people here are our guests, different race and nationalities and this place seduced the bohemian in everyone, a haven for the oshoites, care-be-damned populace of the world, the moving population which decided that day, like every other day to taste the smoke and the coffee, the multigrained toast with a bowl of cellophane wrapped fresh fruit... knew nothing it would seal their fate forever - a fate of being a victim/survivor/witness to this. the most favorite haunt, the spa-for-mind for like ever ... brought down like a pack of cards... unwittingly, a dangerously place cooking-gas cylinder and a boho with a cigar became the glove and hands behind this undoing.

an explosion is an explosion, be it of any variety... it kills without any doubts, it destroys without second thoughts. And endless hours of musings, book readings, romancing, flirting, dating or just plainly being with self n coffee... while hobnobbing with the world peace crowd - a crowd which was always a throwback of 60s flower power or a french univ grad gathering...  all gone... !

if this place dusts itself and gets up again and i am so hoping/praying on my knees... it does... i would know all the peace talks and  strangers being nice to stangers in "we are the world" motto... the septugenerian from israel to the boho-chic to the tattoo-for-shirt dude... were not just brain roughage... but the power of sound!

update: it WAS a bomb blast... i HATE TERRORISM...

i hate, i hate, i hate!



Jaycee said...

Terrorism goes against the laws of nature. I hate it too, and yes an explosion is nothing but an explosion. It kills.

I like the way you write Neers.

Matangi Mawley said...

no one likes it... there are only the ones who have been through it.. n those who hav nt!