love and oodles of it...

early morning cold coffee,
smoothness, to the mad rush

a quick hug
which lasts a lifetime
thumps the heart like a train
nothing to smooth it, down
the feeling jumps out from inside and
takes a shape of its own...
there you created it... its neither you nor me
its a Us... an entire universe in itself
a black-hole of existence

"Hidden by the shadows,
And searching for the farthest light,
He smiles at her answer...
When she notices a star that’s bright.

Talking of the future,
And speaking of the past,
She smiles at his answer,
As he notices his reflection in her eyes.

It’s a moment that should last forever
It’s a moment where everything seems to be right

It's cold outside,
Yet in the warmth of the room...
Metaphor and magic fight"

p.s: the bridges of madison county - etched forever

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Priya said...

Enjoy every moment of it girl...