in a parallel universe

she fed him
he was sleeping angelically
a slow smile spread... on his cherubic face

she kept watching him, like every morning ritual
like a silent daily prayer

he was her heart, her soul out there in a live tiny human form
she kept watching, as in trance... 
he is such a wee thing and yet fills up the room...
and fills her up

in trance, an hour passed... like a blink
watching... it was eons

and she almost retraced her steps back
but it HAD to be done
even for him

she got up..
stepped up and over the ledge
flyin like a bird she always wanted to be

she would be great for him... as an angel

mornings are like this, these days

 the handwritten note just said: "i know you will love him as much as i do...pls take care of him...and am sorry.... i dont think, am a good mother"


starry said...

Saddon't know if it is a selfish or unselfish love.

Anonymous said...

Hey there... just found your blog while searching for something else and truly loved this. Well, I'm a supermom too (like the way you call yourself) and have a 6 month old daughter... could relate so much to your latest post that just couldn't resist leaving you a comment... would love to hear back from you.


Sidewinder said...

Whats this NY????