breath still, has the taste of your lips
body still, sings the tune of your touch
dreams still, color your name
air still, fogs your fragrance
known you for miles
strangers of ages.
this isnt really love
but feels a lot like it...


Sidewinder said...
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Sidewinder said...

Roger Waters once said... (Thought you might relate to it)

Was it love, or was it the idea of being in love?
Or was it the hand of fate, that seemed to fit just like a glove?
The moment slipped by and soon the seeds were sown
The year grew late and neither one wanted to remain alone
~ A Momentary Lapse of Reason

Nitish Sharma said...

Nice Pic & Awesome post!

Kafo said...

loving the pic
and the words
are just light and touching

Priya said...

A very cute poem.