why call it making love then??

should one take the risk or stay en route?
get back to the default or gamble?
trusting in unknown or should one tamper with serendipity?

waking up with a smile, to unchanged last night’s clothes, birds chirping, slow smile, blue sky, crimson light, red eyes and cool breeze….

Sleeping to, the whispers  of deep confession-conversation.
feeding the baby, while spooning together, a protective hand over
hugs, sweet nothings at the door on your way to work 
hurried breakfast coffee

right now

Things are helter-skelter with possibility and uncertainty, which is a good, good thing... perhaps!

The full-on summer and dreamy evenings with occassional showers or thunderstorms, nature like always is mimicking individual existence or is it the other way round?

being present is certainly not an easy task, and remaining calm and assured in  life - especially through the tumult of my mind and around right now  has been...challenging. 

i have frequently sought measurable progress and when i have looked outside myself at the work of others' i have sometimes felt inadequate and on the slow boat, so to speak.

but i think that if we each remain true to ourselves, the overall value of our experiences will almost certainly be the same, albeit vastly different. so today, i am proclaiming that i like my boat slow and steady and full of holes so that the water is able to touch my feet.