why call it making love then??

should one take the risk or stay en route?
get back to the default or gamble?
trusting in unknown or should one tamper with serendipity?

waking up with a smile, to unchanged last night’s clothes, birds chirping, slow smile, blue sky, crimson light, red eyes and cool breeze….

Sleeping to, the whispers  of deep confession-conversation.
feeding the baby, while spooning together, a protective hand over
hugs, sweet nothings at the door on your way to work 
hurried breakfast coffee
random call or a text, random peck, random eye-contact
quiet evening drive to watch the moon, talks of mundane… restraint
make quiet – funny love, not to wake the baby… looking at the baby amidst it all… restraint again
shower, out of shower… kitchen counter… restraint and then unleashed slightly
watching animated conversation from the next table
taking pictures, talking art, dissecting ads/movies
no-conversation long phone calls
monosyllable updates
ironing shirts, changing night bulbs
holding hands, changing gears, changing cds, on a drive… tight and then  nothing… talking mundane again… restraint once more
kiss in the elevator
generally quiet, but talking shop while little sloshed… confessions, anecdotes et al
saying am not possessive before a deep passionate-possessive kiss
a quick breath intake and no looking when he/she looks gorgeous and then “worth a picture"
random quick peck while doing things around the house/laying table
stopping the car to get that last look…

this obviously ISNT love!



Sidewinder said...

"And he talks to the river of lost love and dedication/ And silent replies that swirl invitation/ Flow dark and troubled to an oily sea/ A grim intimation of what is to be
There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night/ There's dust in my eyes that blinds my sight/ Silence speaks so much louder than words/ of promises broken"
Did you notice the poignant, underlying silence amidst all this?

Midnight said...

The new look is not happening, the older sketch was way way superlative

Kuan Gung said...

Very nice post neers...

Kishley said...

This is what happens after a few years of married life i guess.. you get used to of.. everything.. :) lovely post :)

Kafo said...

i love this

of course it is love

i think it is love sprinkled with life