the only god is one who can dance - nietzsche

The first time I danced to be alone with my fierce pummelling thoughts, the anxiety in my chest, and the tears slick on my cheeks. The first time I danced with my hair down, floating behind me like a mane. I danced until my mind narrowed to only this: to my feet flirting with the ground and air, making slow sensual love to the music. Reaching  the almost instant giddy feeling of freedom that bloomed in my ribcage as I moved faster on those slow gliding moves until I could hear my heart in my ears, surrounded by heat of the momentum and the liquid warble of warm adrenaline!



Kishley said...

Dancing always had that effect for me too..

Priya said...

Cute post.

Kafo said...

this is one to consider
to dance with such abandonment


alex said...


Dance. Neitzsche.

All I know is that intoxication aids dancing, freedom, letting loose....perhaps god-like even. :)

Hope you are doing great!