pristine, he says... and i wonder

 picture credit: Sangeeth Sivan

                Sangeeth has this beautiful connect with his gear! Almost like a symphony of light and dark..

This life. This aching, beautiful life. What do you want to remember about yours today? What moments do you want to preserve in the amber resin of words?

I sit on the bed in the dark and try to make a circle with words. I want to climb inside the circle and be taken somewhere else, but my fingers fumble with the keys. The words lurch. The spaces between are too large. The crying seeps in.  

There are days when I feel like cloudy water in a glass. Days when I feel spilled and lonely, and the color of the sky and the color of the day is like cement, perpetual and repeated as far as the eye can see and all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep or die... 

Amongst the zillion "what ifs" life plaques at you; the scariest is the one which says "what if you eff this beauty up?? " for you can, you know... its actually surprisingly easy! 

... to be continued!



Sidewinder said...

Continue it? I'm waiting... :-)

Nitish Sharma said...

Intense & interesting! Would wait for the "to be continued" part!

starry said...

Can't wait!