As the sky grows dark, the twilight feels soft like satin, and spirituous like wine.
Fireflies come out, and Venus too, above us blinking from among the pink and pale indigo of heaven. So far up, she  twirls, casts off the sun’s bright light, and sends it back to us like a love letter; a secret messageIt’s nearly dark and maybe we all make wishes looking up. We see fading contrails; the sky turning to night.


thats how i am, right now... and seems have been such for ages
Time isn’t on my side this week, month, year
Its JUNE already!



Priya said...

Don't worry. Sometimes you have to rejuvenate by doing things such as ur favorite interests or hobbies. When u r tired, just listen to music.

Jaycee said...

It's only a phase :)

Kishley said...

I sometimes feel the same.. & yeah time flies real quick!!

starry said...

A new baby can make you feel tired, there is so much to do and it is overwhelming for a young mother.try and get some rest when baby takes a nap.

Kafo said...

time does go by fast
so i guess it is in making it count