why, the woods are haunted...

As the sky grows dark, the twilight feels soft like satin, and spirituous like wine.

Fireflies come out, and Venus too, above us blinking from among the pink and pale indigo of heaven. So far up, she twirls, casts off the sun’s bright light, and sends it back to us like a love letter; a secret message. It’s nearly dark and maybe we all make wishes looking up. We see fading contrails; the sky turning to night.

She walked on, walking in a mystical exaltation.

Came to a place where the gurgling water crossed the road in a glittering shallow. She stopped, leaning over to listen to the water, jewel flashes of diamonds and sapphire. With mist, woods had taken on that virginal purity, moon light had taken to flirting ; tickling the running water here and fanning the leaves there, even playing with her hair and those long curved lashes.

She moved on, to a place where an ancient and a narrow wooden bridge bent over the roaring water. The water was particularly fierce here and bending over the bent bridge was a tree, bent and laden with willows both weeping and unsung.

She moved a bit closer to the tree; and the bridge beneath groaned and creaked, she tip toed this time, yet it groaned, loudly this time. It was happy being embraced like a child in a over the ledge hug. Only, the stoop was more pronounced right now. And then no more stooping, but free and hanging….

The wish it had nursed for a long time was to plunge and loose itself in that running water, not tied but running with it, came true! It had been unchained!  Gleeful child with its legs splashing and playing the river water…

Nothing stopped, time didn’t freeze. The cricket kept its persistence screech and the owl was still looking for a prey.

Nothing stops ever… it wasn’t meant to.


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