the golden hour

there was a time, the web was my dwelling. those were the times, when we at Avaya R&D were really pushing on products which would help make everyone, "always-On" like literally all the effing time...Unified Communication, the industry calls it!

in walked facebook, twitter and the likes and the communication took another leap! ha, you guys... hello!! i was always here, just wired differently. 

when i began this blog (and this baby here has seen avatars like indian mythology at its best!) i did not know anyone in real life, who had a blog and i felt pretty unsure and awesome and then unsure again!! but, i wrote, i wrote because, i subsist on words... i wrote to understand myself and everything around me...  i wrote to satiate that insatiable... and it did wonders... twice i almost killed this space (yeah pretty anti-physics that ways... or anti-daily-physics to be precise) and lost some stuff which i logged here.. my dashboard says 180 posts and i know, i lost some 100 more...!  i read more than i write and i publish way less then i actually end up scribbling. it did wonders, because in those heady affair beginning days, when theres no response to all your muted passion leashed unto your journal and then suddenly you see things happening and that dear diary bit begins to feel like prayers or self-fulfilling prophecy.... i made friends!! some real kick-ass folks, am proud to call friends... the comments rocketed and dwindled, some kept in touch and some were lots in the ebb of chip-time and digital space... but the presence and the support, the undying belief and never-ending encouragement was truly AWESOME! 

since then, the face of personal blogging and social networking has mutated into this big giant of a thing! imagine, if either terminator or matrix were ever to be true!! we would be SCREWED! LIKE ROYALLY!  

love as much as i do, this space here... i look up from my sleek fancy laptop and mind gets caught with the quaint splendor of late afternoon autumn light. things basked in golden tint, the distant hills, the skyline and the clear blue sky. a symphony for the senses.

dude, i really don’t wanna miss all this! coming from a generation which will always be on cusp of when things were still Eastman color and an era which did a  double-take on mobile communication… I would always nurse this nostalgia for slow and sweet, big family gatherings, train journeys, poetry recitals and letter writings. 

Am a self confessed geek, I mean, nerd to the core… I knew my unix shell script even before I was out of college, hacking was the professional mecca, and not your styled hacking, a true blue unix/assembly version.

And, yet I say… we need to get off the addiction… and as a personal bit, I get off the grid on weekends. No blogging, no tweets, no fB.. sometimes not even cellphones! Pretty green, eh?  

The fact that I am a full-time mommy to a one year old might have something to do with it! But, all the same… aren’t babies blessings? I know… I named mine just that! :) 

Copyright©Neerja Yadav

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Kafo said...

i need to try that
just unplug
from FB, cellphone and my email

it's already been a year
he is a year old


i'm loving this new template
especially the picture