"he is just not THAT into you!"

 picture credit: Amit Ghosal

Have you ever noticed how your thoughts almost always follow the same patterns, the same path? Even if it’s out of the box for the world, it becomes run of the mill for you. And, the moment something different strikes you, you are either full of wonder or want to dump it, out right! 

I miss, the days when the world was a big beautiful world and we had questions for everything. We were learning. We were growing. When did we stop? Why? Do I know and understand everything that needs to be known and understood?

Words collect and gush and then collect again, like little rain puddles. Dirty and beautiful! Then words that snapshot the evening skies and starry midnights, dewy mornings and birds on wire; the words that are prim and pretty! How about those words that gathers like cirrus clouds and wrench the fluttering heart and daggers in your marrow about heart aches and arguments and hurt and bouncing back.

Why have we become so wordy? Where is the simplicity of silence? Why do we devise methods of hiding? From our own selves? Why are we a afraid as a race?

In past week or so, I have been hearing and seeing a lot about cheating-on-your-partner thing. From the web to the Sunday newspaper supplements, looks like media is re-hashing the age old, beaten to death and yet alive issue.

WHY DO PEOPLE CHEAT?  Should this be the question at all?

I believe you can never EVER force loyalty and commitment. If you bind them in words and social structure and legal technicalities etc; if they wish to cheat, if they FEEL a need to Cheat, if they according to them are either unhappy or unsatisfied or do not think enough of the commitment, they would cheat in their MINDS. Can you stop THAT?

Can you place a thought-catcher and use it in a court to settle scores? Why even attempt at settling scores? Wouldn’t the self dignity call for walking away from an uncomfortable situation? If someone did not think enough of you before cheating, has the gumption to either lie or accept. Don’t you think, you must not have been important enough? Then, why the fight? To assert the importance? How is money (in case of legal marriages) a reprisal enough of the thoughtless gesture? Though, it might take care of you (in case you are a dependent spouse and that’s why the law)

We don’t own people. EVEN the blood ties! We as a race should stop asserting our ownership on things. On people! Hasn’t helped! Doesn’t help! Will NOT.

Giving up things is easier, people is not. And, I say; as long as you are together, make it lovely. The moment you feel you might separate, let them go! After all, if one of you was to die, you wouldn’t do anything, right? BUT the ego says, why the other over me? It is never over you! It’s a new thing ONLY; it’s NEVER a new thing!

I am trying to let go of all sense of ownership. It’s tough. But, am trying!

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