life list

i have been dodging showing up here, things have been tumbling more through the rabbit hole than the looking glass...

for the first time in weeks, i feel i can breathe and then some and something which i have been procrastinating for 1000 years is now done... 

this a lucid list, in no particular order... 36 things which i would do before i say "so long and thank you for all the fish!" :) 


1.    Write and publish a book.
2.    Take a road trip across the US in a camper
3.     Live in Greece for a year.
4.    Learn French.
5.     Learn to ballet dance.
6.     Grow a garden
7.     Build my own dark room/ studio
8.     Make a film .
9.     Take photographs daily for a year.
10.   Write regularly for a magazine/newspaper.
11.   Buy a potters wheel & kiln and throw pots in the garage.
12.   Teach literature.
13.  Own a farm house/barn in a village to sneak away to.
14.   Meditate.
15.   Learn archery & join a archery club.
16.   Take a trip to South America.
17.   Travel somewhere every year.
18.   Grow a rose garden.
19.   See the northern lights.
20.   Backpack across Europe with my son
21.   Go camping every summer.
22.   See the election of Pope in Vatican.
23.   Visit Prague
24.   Renovate the apartment completely.
25.   Have a Cozy Family room.
26.   Have a library at home
27.   Own books and kitsch shop.
28.   Adopt a baby girl
29.   Learn to drive
30.   Learn to bake.
31.   Make small investments for Nirvaan
32.  Spend a winter in Tibet meditating.
33.  See a Le Reve performance in Wynn Resort
34.  Take the entire family out for vacation
35.  Attend Venice film festival
36.  Work in New York  for McKinsey


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