"love story meets love story"

"And I am a writer, writer of fiction, I am the heart that you call home. And I’ve written pages upon pages trying to rid you from my bones…"

Theres a shadow at the doorway, a shadow clinging like nostalgic smell to everything. A shadow with a sound of its own.

Marit Larsen sings "if a song could get me you..." and i wish... it really WAS that nice and easy!  I bump into things. I walk in a slant. 

On the road there is traffic and I can hear it, a rumble, gravel crunching, the sound of someone driving away, and in my heart, blood pounding with everything: heat, love, regret, delight, irritation. The damned traffic makes me claustrophobic! It's a marvel how many of us are really here!

Above the cloud cover in the quiet sky, there are jets crossing, trailing contrail and higher, satellites, without sound, no atmosphere to hold the rumble in, no small thing to contain the noise of their velocity traveling through the dark among the lighted memory of stars.

I linger where it’s quiet, reluctant to get back to the clatter and a racket with toys.

The reverie obviously gets lightly tapped "Mummaaaaaa!" He says many words, but enunciates them poorly; always grinning, gesturing, moving. He is so tuned in emotionally, it always surprises me to see the way his face mirrors mine. When he’s done something naughty and I scold him, he bursts into tears of remorse, arms flung wide, running to me to fix it.

But oh, he’s got a temper too, that little one. When he want’s something and doesn’t get it, he’ll grab the nearest object and throw it to the floor howling, “No! No!” indignantly. And he does the perfect jelly-limbed all kick and squiggle tantrum. Nothing lasts though, and he’s like a summer day. Even when the clouds show up, it’s only for a little while.

So, i began on my home renovation project... longggg overdue!! and of course, its the kitchen and the kitchen terrace first! am so excited, i hardly sleep.... REALLY? as if i needed any more reasons for insomnia! 

i really do not know how to tie up this post... am multi-tasking again and sort of lost the mood with which i began... isn't that better.

for now, ciao... on these notes:

on my mix playlist - about 54 tracks from all over the planet. exotic. esoteric. ~~

on my screen: apart from 20 differnt firefox tabs, a deal SoW i need to finish proof reading before my 9 am meeting tomorrow!  ~duh!~

on me: A&F (i love them) jeans and Mango Tee  ~when lust n fashion collide~

in me: THAT ... my dear, is another story... ! ~hmmm in all caps~

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Trekker said...

Your little man has become quite big!
Get some good sleep, and then multi-task, its more productive that way- or at least thats what i have found to be...