"may the fourth be with you"

I did a little music today, my first in ages, my feet happy and mood in smiles. It was a small, micro slice of euphoria: those few minutes and me. This and acoustics of GNR, Oasis and Scorpions.... ah heaven!

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I reactivated myself on fB... this is the thing about showing up at the page. Life is tender and fickle, like when the thermometer creeps up and the buds swell and then slowly balmy evenings give way to sweltering afternoons from one to another day.

life happens when you are really not looking, filtering through walls like parantheses.

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Margie said...

:):):)'s & xxx's
Be happy beautiful one!

Neers said...

love ya, margie!

Margie said...

love ya, too!
you are very sweet & special.

happy mother's day