spring-atom heart

Spring-Summer-Monsoon, en masse' they come, heels-clicking at my threshold.

Morning too comes early now with the birds calling. This spring has been all about soaking up the sun and the rain and the general rad-ness of the skies! Everything looks washed. Primed for whatever newness. Expectant! Laundry in the basket and the dishes wait in the sink. Yeah, that too! :)

Before night falls we play and eat and dance and tickle each other and get tired!  Twilight hums with crickets, frogs, fireflies. The sky is already gathering stars. The hugs and the kisses and the just the everyday warmth of coziness of a house, lit up with yellow lights and sprinkled with smiling rains.

Later, as I sit on the couch, filled with humming sleep all around me; I hear a distant strain of music. The night-mist transforms even the average of strings into ethereal! 

I read, I write, I finish some leftovers from work; I arrange pictures on the drive. This is life. Now! This moment! What are yours?

Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Jaycee said...

It's good to embrace each moment, and fulfil purpose now. Not later. Good to know you're doing just that, Neers.

Margie said...

Bathed in the beauty of your picture and yours words!
Lovely writing, Neers.

Spring has gone right into summer here and very hot!
But the early mornings I totally love when their is still coolness in the air!
A beautiful breeze is breathing in my window as I sit and write this!
So wonderful!

Margie x

Neers said...

@jaycee: i cant seem to post on your blog. how have you been, girl?

@margie: as always, thank you!

Φ said...

Hi N,

So far so good. Yes long time. Not been able to blog a lot cos of work and my 2 yr old 'son'net!

How is your little one doing?

Excellent post this one.. .. you made the usual chores sound like a pleasant song as a chorus hum of the macrocosms around.. it has been long since I felt I should have written this one!

You should write more.

Kuan Gung said...

It's the now and always just the now...forever...very nice neers