friday evening philosophy

The arrival of ideas and the ever so slightly tapping of thoughts happen when it’s least possible to capture them. A spark, a glimmer, a bit of something strewn about! 

They show up when I’m fuzzy with sleep. They arrive with the fragrance of coffee, and in the quiet moments as I lie down counting clouds or stars. They come as I’m cooking, rinsing dishes or folding laundry, playing. Or when I am in the middle of an important email or a conference call!

They bloom from snippets of conversations, lyrics of on-repeat songs or guitar tabs. Or things I read or scribble down in notebooks; from things pinned, bookmarked and gathered, my mind a collector, like the bottom of an ocean. They show up tattered and secretive: whispering. Or clear and sharp like diamond.

The truth is, I think they are everywhere, like ether, they weigh nothing and fill up the universe. Each one waiting to be picked up and put down on paper or blown up into just another big bang, just another universe. 

Accessible! There! For all!

It’s not their absence that stops us; it’s their abundance. And, more importantly the absence of wherewithal of courage to yank just one of these and mould/sculpt/thrash/shape into life what one has dreamt of.

Those who “re-invent”, innovate, create just know that ideas trickle down to you and are not something that comes pre-cooked ready for the microwave. They understand the patience and persistence that goes into letting the smallest of the ones grow into something concrete. Big! And, they are ready to risk, put their souls on to the line.

The thought does matter, the waves on which the ideas ride. And, then the execution needs to begin. It will have to be executed! Worked upon! Written down! Directed into! Titrated into! Experimented upon! Atom by atom dissected and then rebuilt.

After all, the big bang must have had its own small spark!

Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Φ said...

So true. No wonder why we pick on such "floating" thoughts others have thought of, ending up with coincidences.

If what you say is true and if all the thoughts were already there before we actually think of them, these are then it not?

Margie said...

Loved this, Neers!
I have my best ideas and thoughts when I'm out walking.
Nature inspires me so!

Be well, my friend!
Be happy!

Margie x

Φ said...

hmmm makes sense. I like the randomness with which they come to you and goes back.

Fractals, all of it, all of us, all of them.

Oh philosophy! I feel old already!

what's it quick! can't wait

Ashwin said...

Neerja - so nicely put. And all so true.

The other aspect of these ideas, atleast for me, is the fleetiness of these floating ideas. If you arent tuned in, or dont catch on to them at that moment, you lost the opportunity.