Le Gémeaux

A compendium of lies and regrets and yet no looking back. Tousled hair, fighter frame; am trying to take the heart from the soul. I was never any good with lingering sadness; it burdens me.

Have you ever had a chance to hold the entire universe in one gaze? If you stand under a canopy of tall trees and look up, you will see the entire universe. I could lose myself in those starry leaves. The clouds swirl and tempt and shower. I can't help feeling that, somewhere, time has stood still.  The air is heavy and my heartbeat is slow. I wonder what it all means: if it means anything at all.

Even the smallest things can be magic, really.

via Niemamowy

 Copyright © Neerja Yadav


Margie said...

Magic in those small things!
And in your writing!

Margie x

Scribblers Inc said...

There are times when I pause on the road and just stare. At such points in time, I am sure the people around me take me to be an eccentric.

You, for one, would know differently. :)

Good writing, as always.

Scribblers Inc.

Priya said...

Very true !!

Rae said...

Hi Neers, long time! Still great writing I see. Hope all is well :)

aint_no_saint said...

Hey you dreamer you. how are things at your end. A smile from pole to pole as I saw your comment on my blog. It's been a while. :) You write beautifully, you really do. Said so much in such few words. An artist. :)