rain town

Attention is the most potent of aphrodisiac of all! 

I let the spinning orbit of my day pull in: work, toddler, leaving and arriving; buying grocery and paying off bills. Household stuff. On the swings. “Mumma… shweeminggg {swimming}”

And, you long, once again like zillion times before… to find yourself reflected in his gaze.  Find your heart spread.

If Only...

The nights are listless, crowded with the shallow sleep, too much thought, too many tears. Blurry eyes, fogged head, I feel myself half awake, half in dreams.

My dreams … of the shallow sleep are just a fantastical reconstruction of my mundane days. My longing, my wanderlust projected. I wish inception was true! For me! Never a deep sleep and it gets increasingly low as I go!
In the early pre-dawn hours when the first birds have already begun to sing my dreams always {and whenever I do dream} become magical. Of demons and aliens and fairies and beings magic!

Enough of chin-up, practical, getting through the day! Enough of being a warrior!

I want supple-subtle heat and the fierce attraction! Things that would make me feel beautiful, wanted, sexy!

Now I rub my eyes and look about the room. Rain speckles the windows. Nirvaans squealing! And I’m here: reluctant yet certain in my life.

I let my eyelids flutter closed again… only The Memory Remains.  

Copyright © Neerja Yadav

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Priya said...

I love rain and not the heavy one with thunder and lightning. I like the showers with the smell of the earth..

Margie said...

Beautiful writing, Neers.
Loved your first line ...
*Attention is the most potent aphrodisiac of all*
It truly is!

Rain refreshes my spirit!
We need it so badly here!

Margie x

Kafo said...

i read it twice
and still ....

there is rain
and there there is something else in this piece

i'm still thinking it thru

stay beautiful

Neers said...

danke, frauleins!

Scribblers Inc said...

just the way I like short fiction!:)

Scribblers Inc.

phatichar said...

Crisp. :)