a pair of wings! thank you!

Morning sneaks in, on my son’s sleepy smile and lilting “mummaaa morning” and spreads like a fragrance around the house. And then rains bring the scent of earth and green add to that my own potpourri of cloves, lemon-grass and gardenia knick-knacks. 

It’s raw, it’s earthy and it’s delightful!

We go through the morning routine with music-system playing mixed CDs. Am creating memories for my baby and ‘am hoarding them for myself.

I have been meaning to write and write more, but I lack the discipline and I easily put off these little soul-café moments for later.

But I have them carefully pressed among the dandelions and roses in the notebook.

And every time we make another tickle and cook up another syrupy moment or even when we do a ‘melt-down-cos-mumma-doesn’t-give-me-more-chocolates’; the roses just turn and dandelions dance a bit; filling the old chest with sea mist perfume.

I smile indulgently when the downpour grows tired and all is freshly washed; and the sky goes from cerulean to coral to deep violet and finally inky blue black velvet; speckle with stardust.

Time for dinner and dance! 

Copyright © Neerja Yadav


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Margie said...

Simply beautiful!
You made my heart smile :)

Margie x

Margie said...

I'm sorry to say I have not heard from Starry in a long time.
Hope so much she's okay!

Take care, dear friend and give you sweet, little one a hug from me!

Margie x